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State & Psychiatric Hospital Compliance Collaborative’s Reading Tips
Newsletter (RTN) November
2014, Volume 9, Issue 11
SPHCC Reading Tips Newsletter Banner
**WHAT’S NEW for November 2014

  • Article of the Month

    • Patient Safety Systems: New Chapter for Hospitals (#2)[®] Perspectives November 2014 ● Volume 34 ● Number 11 Pg 1 [Recommended for: CJCP, GB, JCSC, LD, PI] For the second time in three months we believe a TJC piece on the New Patient Safety Systems (PS) chapter deserves to be our Article of the Month (AOM). In September we told you the new chapter was coming and encouraged paying attention to the increased emphasis on related concepts such as ‘patient activation’ and collaboration.  Now the chapter is actually here (see below) and while not effective until January 1, 2015, we now want to convey a greater sense of urgency for paying particular attention to the 34 standards culled from 6 chapters to comprise the PS set.  Why… because we now believe it would be a mistake to think a low frequency of citation for these standards in the past is a sufficient basis for confidence.  We are concerned that organizations will miss the likelihood that a new chapter means new emphasis, new attention, new rigor of evaluation during survey and probably a new frequency of citation.  Let us know what you think!
    • Click here for our REVIEW(Mbr/Guest); the FULL TJC ARTICLE(Mbr); to share a COMMENT(Mbr/Guest).


  1. PR: Patient Safety Systems: New Chapter for Hospitals Ftxt [REF: JCSC, LDR, PI]
  2. PR: Clarification of the Pain Management Standard Ftxt [REF: MD, RN]
  3. TS: Tracer Methodology: Health Information Management Ftxt [REF: IM, JCSC]
  4. TS: Improve (HBIPS-5) Performance with Staff Education Ftxt  [REF: MDx, StEd]
  5. ECTest Your Standards IQ  Ftxt  [Pearl: EOC, CJCP, SFT]



  • S-Tip#23: The Survey Resources Page -Part 2 (Trend Tables) – One of the unique features of this page is a resource called the Top Ten Trend Table (for BHC and HAP).  It is a simple tool designed to help JCSC and other Leaders get more out of the biannual statistics TJC publishes as the “Top Standards Compliance Issues”.  Instead of looking at a 6 or 12 month snapshot of frequently cited standards, our trend table allows a broader multi-year view of the same data.  Such a view shows some standards rising and falling over time, while a certain few remain fairly constant in their high ranking position on the top 10 listing. The table is color-coded to reveal the #1 and #2 most frequently recurring citation as well as an alert to new entrants or major ranking shifts within the list.  Do not let your guard down on #1 and #2 or get caught off guard by a new area of emphasis. Sign in and check out our Joint Commission Top Ten Trend Tables.
** Key: Ftxt=Full Text Link PR=Perspectives (JcE), TS=The Source (JcS), EC=EC News (JcE), CM=CMS, JO=JC Online, TP=JC Topics **[More Abbreviations] **
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