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About Surveyor Profiles

SPHCC members and our associates collect information about surveyors they have experienced.  Our first purpose is to decrease anxiety in the survey process by reducing some of the unknown.  Our second is to assist organizations in their management of the on site survey process by providing information they can use to improve the effectiveness of their communication and collaboration with surveyors. 

  1. Once your survey has begun, immediately call (770389.3800) or e-mail  us the names of your surveyors.
  2. We will search our Surveyor Profiles Database (sample below) and post available information on this page.
  3. During your survey,  download the surveyor information from the TJC Connect intranet site to help keep our profiles up to date.  [Note: TJC surveyor information sheets are removed immediately after survey.]
  4. Click on the ‘Comments’ link (2nd line top left) of each profile to open a text box for feedback on your survey experience with that individual.
  5. Please keep your comments professional and constructive.
  6. Below is a sample surveyor profile  (Remember: You must first tell us who your surveyors are.  Then they will be activated for your Custom Resource Home Page and appear at the top of this page in place of this sample.)

Thank you

Sam Pull, MD

TJC Bio (x2005)

Surveys: Accreditation Manual for Hospital

Lives:  California 

Work: Currently Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California, San Somewhere.  Prior to joining TJC Dr. Pull  was a partner physician with Psych Out Medical

Ed/Train: Board Certified in Adult Psychiatry and is currently licensed in California as an MD.  He is also a Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association


  • Jan 2012: A stickler for the hand hygiene between each patient on medication pass,  He focused on Medical Staff and the OPPE and FPPE practices and meet with treatment teams and medical staff.  Overall friendly and helpful.
  • March 2011: Friendly but very focused.  A high emphasis on risk assessment; especially as related to suicide, both from an environmental and clinical aspect.  Loves to teach and is very knowledgeable.  Very focused on the credentialing process and  legibility within the medical record.  Believes it is disrespectful for someone to be late to a given meeting, etc.
  • May 2010:  Would get focused on one issue and would discuss that topic the rest of the session.  Wants to see statistical analysis.

Special Note:  In the Leadership meeting Dr. Pull will sometimes present a special  diagram from the  Leadership Standards Chapter and ask leaders to describe something they have done in terms of the diagram’s 5 pillars.

Recent Survey History:  Jan 2012 @ XYZ Psychiatric Hospital,  Aug 2011 @ ABC Regional Mental Health,  March 2011 @ RST Forensic Treatment Center, May 2010 @ Somewhere State Hospital

  • Sample Citations include:
    • PC.01.02.01/EP23/During tracer activities, it was identified only cranial nerves #2 and #8 were intact instead of #2 to #8. Also a nursing assessment did not identify triggers or coping mechanisms to be used to reduce agitation that might trigger restraint or seclusion per policy.
    • PC.01.03.01/EP1/Observed in record review, a patient with uterine dysfunction and gynecologic evaluation by consultant did not have this condition addressed in her treatment plan. A patient with significant dental pathology and underwent dental surgical extraction procedures during her stay. This disorder and subsequent care was not included in the treatment plan.

You may practice providing surveyor feedback by clicking on the ‘Comments’ link above (2nd line, top left) and/or preview the New Post Survey Questionnaire (PSQ).
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