Service Domain_

III – Management  (Planning & Leadership Development)


A.  Planning for A Culture of Quality & Safety

  • Descrip:  Evaluation of current culture and indepth review of core leadership functions, related principles and strategy development for evolving a more quality and safety-oriented organizational culture
  • Venue:  On site (consultation/evaluation)

B.  Team Building & Team Effectiveness

  • Descrip:  Facilitated, experiential training process for the development of improved communication, cooperation, respect and effectiveness within teams at any level of the organization
  • Venue: On site (consultation/facilitation)

C.  Performance Improvement Principles & Tools

  • Descrip:  Workshop series for developing deeper understanding and more effectiveness in the use of performance improvement principles, methods and tools.
  • Venue: On site (consultation/facilitation) or Off site (TeleVideo conference)

D.  Medical Director Leadership Institute

  • Descrip:  Didactic and experiential workshop series for further development of medical director leadership, management and performance improvement skills.
  • Venue: On site (consultation/facilitation) or Off site (TeleVideo interviews)