Service Domain_

I – Clinical (Care Assessment & Case Consultation)

A.  Active Treatment Enhancement

  • Descrip:  Baseline assessment of active treatment levels, ‘Understanding Active Treatment’ training presentation and customized plan and strategy for enhancement
  • Venue: On site (consultation/evaluation/training)

B.  Behavior Management Planning

  • Descrip: Review and comment on existing BHP and/or assistance with functional analysis of challenging behavior and development of new BHP
  • Venue: On site (consultation/facilitation) or Off site ( redacted document reviews)

C.  Treatment Planning

  • Descrip: Review and comment on sample treatment plan(s) and/or treatment plan tracer (with multi-disciplinary treatment team) and training
  • Venue: On site (consultation/facilitation) or Off site (TeleVideo conference, redacted document reviews)

D.  Challenging Case Consultation

  • Descrip: Multi-disciplinary panel of board certified, advance degreed associates (e.g., psychiatrists, PhD nursing, PhD psychology) for clinical case consultation,
  • Venue: On site (consultation/facilitation) or Off site (TeleVideo interviews, redacted document reviews)

E.  Quality of Care Evaluation

  • Descrip: Patient medical record/chart review using our ‘Quality of Care Evaluation’ tool by an appropriate board certified, advance degreed associate (e.g., psychiatrist, PhD nurse, PhD psychologist).  Can be utilized for one chart or a larger sample of charts.  Reviews are scored with comments.
  • Venue: On site (Document review) or Off site (redacted document reviews)