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*PR:Anchor Top Standards Compliance Data for First Half of 2016 (PDF)[REF:EC, IC, LDR, SC] Perspectives, September 2016, Vol 36, #9, Pg 1 JCp1609_B1

The most frequently cited standards in the first half of 2016 have not changed much from the final 2015 listings. The most significant change is the new entry of IC.02.02.01 (The hospital reduces the risk of infections associated with medical equipment, devices, and supplies.) Although not on the 2015 list for TJC, this standard ranked #11 on the SPHCC listing of most frequently cited standards for Psychiatric Hospitals. It should be noted that it now ranks #2 on the TJC list.
For those organizations with BHC components, the top 5 standards continue (in order) to be CTS.03.01.03, HRM.01.02.01, NPSG.15.01.01, IC.02.04.01 and HRM.01.06.01. There were some minor shifts/additions among the lower 5 resulting in the following order: EC.02.06.01, CTS.04.03.33, CTS.02.01.05, CTS.02.01.11, EC.02.03.05.
Tip1: Hospitals should pay particular attention to IC.02.02.01 as it enters the Top 10 for the first time since 2014 and was cited in 59% of hospitals.
Tip2: BHC should take the persistence of top 5 citations as stimulus for more rigorous review of compliance in those areas.

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