A Custom Information Feed (CIF) is a unique compliance information support provided by SPHCC.  This service allows one to more easily and effectively keep up with a particular compliance topic of interest. 

For example, you may want to keep up with the latest developments regarding Intracycle Monitoring.  Or you may only want to track articles relevant to your Medical Director, Infection Control Nurse, JCCAP Applicant  or BHC Programs. 

CIFs make this easy.  First you select a topic.  Then each month, SPHCC staff identify any article reviews in its Reading Tips Newsletter (RTN) that are relevant to that topic. Next, those reviews are collected and posted to a customized listing for the reader.   It’s like having a customized newsletter.  An RSS feed/reader may also be used to subscribe to this listing for automatic notification of new postings.

Sample Custom Information Feed (CIF)

 Note: All Members and Associates receive COF_Highlights.  Standard Members and Associates receive an additional CIF of their choosing.  All CIFs are included with Premier Membership.  CIF subscriptions may also be purchased by those without Premier status or who desire additional CIFs. 

Custom Information Feeds are currently available for:

  1. @CIF_Articles of the Month_12-month collection of reviews for the selected Article of the Month
  2. @CIF_BHC_Articles  related to Behavioral Health Care-realated
  3. @CIF_CJCP (JCCAP) Refs_ Certified Joint Commission Professional reference materials
  4. @CIF_CJCP Tests/Q&A_Sample test questions for the CJCP exam
  5. @CIF_CMS_ Articles  related to CMS rulings, S&C Letters, etc
  6. @CIF_EC Clarify–Articles from the Clarification & Expectations series featuring Geroge Mills, the Joint Commission’s Director of Engineering
  7. @CIF_EOC_Articles  related to EOC topics
  8. @CIF_EOC Tests/Q&A_Sample Test questions from the ‘Standards IQ’ article series
  9. @CIF_Highlights_The Monthly ‘Highlights’ section provides quick index for our monthly reviews
  10. @CIF_Infec Control_Articles  related to infection control-related topics
  11. @CIF_LDR_Articles  relevant to the roles of Executive Leaders and Governing Body
  12. @CIF_MD_Articles  related to Medical Staff/Medical Director functioning
  13. @CIF_Medmgt_Articles related to medication management
  14. @CIF_New2014_Articles  related to new standards for the indicated year (2014)
  15. @CIF_NPSG_Articles  related to National Patient Safety Goals
  16. @CIF_Perf Improv_Articles related to quality/performance improvement and High Reliability
  17. @CIF_RN_Articles  related to Nursing/Director of Nursing functioning
  18. @CIF_Tracers-EOC_Articles  providing EOC-related tracer scenarios and sample questions
  19. @CIF_Tracers-Gen_Articles  providing general tracer scenarios and sample questions