Systems, Organizations, Facilities, Programs And Groups We Have Served And Supported With On Site And/Or Off Site Consultation, Education, Training, Compliance Information/Updates, Customized Presentations, Quality Improvement, Leadership Development Or Planning Assistance


•    Alabama Dept of Mental Health & Mental Retardation (ADMHMR)
•    Bryce Hospital (Bryce)
•    Greil Memorial Psychiatric Hospital (GMPH)
•    Mary Starke Harper Geriatric Psychiatry Center (MSHGPC)
•    North Alabama Regional Hospital (NARH)
•    Searcy Hospital (SH)
•    Taylor Hardin Secure Medical Facility (THSMF)


•    Alaska Psychiatric Institute/Alaska Recovery Center (API)


•    Arkansas State Hospital (ArSH)


•    Albert M. Flores, P.C.
•    Arizona State Hospital (AzSH)
•    Roush, McCracken, Gama, Guerrero & Miller


  •   Applied Healthcare Research, Inc
  •   Mills-Peninsula Health Services (MPHS)*


•    Lawrence and Memorial Hospital

District of Columbia     

•    Columbia Pentagon City Hospital
•    Government of the District of Columbia
•    Medlink Hospital & Nursing Center at Capitol Hill
•    Saint Elizabeths Hospital (SEH)


•    G. Pierce Wood Memorial Hospital
•    GEO/South Florida Evaluation & Treatment Center (SFETC)
•    GEO/South Florida State Hospital (SFSH)
•    GEO/Treasure Coast Forensic Treatment Facility (TCFTC)
•    Sandy Pines Hospital


•    Atlanta University School of Social Work
•    Cobb-Douglas Community Service Boards
•    Correctional Behavioral Solutions
•    Dekalb Community Service Board
•    Fulton County Jail*
•    Fulton Regional Service Board/CMA
•    Georgia Department of Audits and Accounts
•    Gracewood State School and Hospital
•    Gray, Hedrick & Edenfield, L.L.P.
•    Medical Systems Development Corporation
•    Stephens & Shuler, Attorneys-at-Law,
•    University of Georgia School of Social Work


•    Alton Mental Health Center (AMHC)*
•    Chester Mental Health Center (CMHC)*
•    Chicago-Read Mental Health Center (CRMHC)*
•    Choate Mental Health Center (CMHDC)*
•    Elgin Mental Health Center (EMHC)*
•    H. Douglass Singer Mental Health (SMHC)*
•    Illinois Dept of Human Services, Division of MH Central Office (ILCO)*
•    John J. Madden Mental Health Center (MMHC)*
•    McFarland Mental Health Center (AMcF)*
•    MMI Risk Management Resource
•    Tinley Park Mental Health Center (TPMHC)*


•    Evansville State Hospital (ESH)
•    Larue Carter State Hospitals (LCSH)
•    Logansport State Hospital (LoSH)
•    Richmond State Hospital (RSH)


•    Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services (KDADS)
•    Larned State Hospital (LaSH)
  Osawatomie State Hospital & Rainbow Mental Health Facility


•    Capital Area Mental Human Services District
•    Central Louisiana State Hospital (CLSH)
•    Eastern Louisiana Mental Health System (ELMHS)
•    Louisiana Association of Ambulatory Healthcare
•    New Orleans Adolescent Hospital (NOAH)
•    Southeast Louisiana Hospital (SELH)


•    Dorothea Dix Psychiatric Center (DDPC)
•    Riverview Psychiatric Center (RPC)


•    Detroit-Wayne County Community Mental Health Agency


•    Center for Behavioral Medicine
•    Fulton State Hospital (FSH)
•    Hawthorn Children’s Psychiatric Hospital (HCPH)
•    Northwest Missouri Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center (NMPRC)
•    Southeast Missouri Mental Health Center (SMMHC)
•    Southwest Missouri Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center (SMPRC)
•    St. Louis Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center (SLPRC)
•    University of Missouri-Kansas City


•    Forensic Anthropology, Inc.
•    Hastings Regional Center
•    Lincoln Regional Center (LRC)
•    Magellan Behavioral Health
•    Nebraska Health & Human Services System
•    Norfolk Regional Center (NRC)
•    Region IV Behavioral Health Services*

New Jersey         

•    Ancora State Psychiatric Hospital (ASPH)
•    Bergen Regional Medical Center*
•    Sen. Garrett W. Hagedorn Psychiatric Hospital
•    Trenton State Psychiatric Hospital

New York   

•    Bronx Children’s Psychiatric Center (BCPC)
•    Bronx Psychiatric Center (BPC)
•    Creedmoor Psychiatric Center (CPC)_
•    Greater Binghamton Health Center (GBHC)
•    Kirby Forensic Psychiatric Center (KFPC)
•    Manhattan Psychiatric Center (MPC)
•    Pilgrim Psychiatric Center (PPC)
•    Queens Children Psychiatric Center (QCPC)
•    Sagamore Children’sPsychiatric Center (SCPC)
•    South Beach Psychiatric Center (SBPC)
•    St. Lawrence Psychiatric Center (SLPC)

North Carolina    

•    Caswell Mental Retardation Center
•    Four Seasons Area Health Education Program
•    Grandfather Home for Children
•    Mountain Area Health Education Center/O’Berry Center
•    Northwest Area Health Education Center


•    Ohio Department of Mental Health


•    Allentown State Hospital (ALSH)
•    Clarks Summit State Hospital (CSSH)
•    Danville State Hospital (DSH)
•    Norristown State Hospital (NSH)
•    Pennsylvania Dept of Public Welfare (PaDPW)
•    Philhaven Behavioral Health Services
•    South Mountain Restoration Center (SMRC)
•    Torrance State Hospital (TSH)
•    Warren State Hospital (WaSH)
•    Wernersville State Hospital (WeSH)

South Carolina    

•    G. W. Bryant Psychiatric Hospital Forensic Div
•    GEO/Columbia Regional Care Center


•    Chattanooga Area Mental Health Training Consortium
•    Indian Path Medical Center
•    Qualifacts Systems, Inc.


•    Cenpatico Behavioral Health, LLC (Texas Forster Care)
•    Houston County Psychiatric Center
•    Parkland Health & Hospital System*


•    Utah State Hospital (USH)


•    Western State Hospital (WSH)


•    Mendota Mental Health Institutes
•    Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division (MCBHD)
•    Reinhart Law/ Milwaukee Mental Health Complex
•    Winnebago Mental Health Institutes

National & Regional

•    Association of Black Psychologists
•    Behavioral Health Policy Collaborative
•    Charter Behavioral Health Services
•    GEOCare Inc.

•    Magellan Behavioral Health
•    Midwestern Assoc of St. MH Organizations
•    National Association of Black Journalists
•    National Council For Community Behavioral Healthcare
•    Telecare Corporation
•    Southern States Psychiatric Hospital Association
•    Western Psychiatric State Hospital Association


* Some portion or all of the services were provided as part of a subcontract

28 states