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Бројање картице са електронски блацкјацк -ом

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Обоје брзо обрађују захтеве за повлачење.

Блекџек са дилером са стварним новцем

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Главна игра је извлачење са пет карата, са победничким комбинацијама које почињу са пар џекпота и џекпотом са флеш клавиром.
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Service & Support

Standards Compliance

& Survey Success

In-Patient Psychiatry Specialist

Fields & Associates (F&A) provides customized consultation, education, facilitation, planning and training support to improve the safety, quality and appropriateness of care for the full spectrum of behavioral health, mental health and psychiatric services… but we specialize in Joint Commission standards compliance and survey success for psychiatric hospitals and community mental health programs!Some of our most frequently requested services are described as packages on this website, but additional services are available and all services are tailored to your agency’s need.

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The F&A cadre of Associates all have decades of hands-on experience and proven track records for guiding community and hospital organizations to standards compliance and survey success. They constitute one of the largest pools of behavioral health consultants who also have worked as surveyors for national agencies such as:

  • Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)
  • The Joint Commission (TJC)
  • Joint Commission Resources (JCR)
  • Joint Commission International (JCI)

Their special understanding and insight into compliance strategies and survey processes are a rare resource for any organization seeking to achieve or maintain state licensure, Joint Commission accreditation or CMS certification.

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F&A proudly sponsors the State & Psychiatric Hospital Compliance Collaborative (SPHCC), a unique online repository of compliance information/updates and a communication forum for participating psychiatric hospitals located at www.SPHCC.net. Subscribing member organizations agree to seek and share information, resources, references and experiences (especially survey experience) specifically relevant to in-patient psychiatry in the interest of advancing standards compliance, survey success, and the overall improvement of patient care quality and safety.  Our members also benefit from a monthly electronic newsletter (Reading Tips) that ensures busy PI Directors, survey coordinators and leaders can be up to date on critical compliance issues with less than 30 minutes of reading each month.  

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